Unlock Courses and Content, To Complete At Your Own Pace, And Increase Your Net Profits

We know as a coach you can be pushed for time, that is why we have created Micro Learning courses for you to do at your own pace, when you choose – even if that is at 2am!

Explore various topics that will allow you to level up in every aspect. From Social Media to Mindset…..and much much more!

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We have a combined business experience in coaching, mentoring and training of over 50 years

Courses That Work

Life is too short for boring long courses! This is why we created CTA. We want to supply courses that actually make a difference in your life and business

Quick and Easy

Micro-learning courses allows you to learn proven strategies that help grow your business and your clients in less than 10 minutes a day

Become the Coach you know you can be

In this exclusive membership. Gain access to courses and content allowing you to learn at your own pace, in your own time, anywhere you go!

Everything you need to level up and become a successful coach. This is the ultimate tool to unlocking your full potential.

What You Get

Quite simply you gain instant access to a comprehensive library of 24 courses and resources to help your business improve quickly.

Each month you will gain access to a new course and resources along with live training conducted by us.

No Contracts

No lock in contracts. you can cancel membership at any time

Instant Library

Access to courses, worksheets, helpful tips, checklists, calendars and practical content kits.


Learn from some of the best coaches and mentors with over 50 years combined experience in business


Crank up your coaching with bite size learning assets!

100% Privacy. We Hate Spam More Than You Do!

Our Why


Entrepreneur, World Leading Mentor, Author and Consultant


Business Systems Strategist


Spiritual Mindset Coach

Siobhain Little

Human Performance Guide, Business Owner and Mind Body Balance Instructor

Having been in the coaching and mentoring industry for a combined 50 years, we have seen a lot of changes.

Today there are more coaches and consultants than ever before the market is saturated.

However we get feedback daily and see personally people entering into this space and quickly closing their doors 6 or 12 months later.

Simply because they just don’t have the tools to be the best coach they can be.

The training courses we are providing are based on proven strategies that we teach in our mentoring and also in our digital agency.


We will always provide good quality, up to date and relevant courses, information and resources. Our community will always be low cost, and you will always be able to learn at your own pace, in the way you choose.

We promise to help you level up in your coaching.

What people say

CTA’s courses have helped my business no end with the online learning around social media and helping me take a look at practical ways of creating further efficiencies
Great service – thank you CTA

Donna Jones
The design option

CTA’s bite sized courses have supported me in getting aspects of my business online so I could work efficiently and effectively. They have helped streamline processes. If you are looking to work with a business that is wanting you to be the best in your business then CTA is where you need to look.

Linda Crosbie
Celebrant, Wellness Advocate and Networker

My world is a creative and busy one, I run several children’s yoga classes, I also illustrate and write children’s books and design mobile applications for children, so administration is not my “thing” However, I have some amazing opportunities open to me in the near future and I needed to be ready with the right systems in place to cope with the influx of work. CTA’s courses have quick and easily digestible content for busy Consultants and Coaches and have taught me how to set up online without compromising my creativity and individuality. CTA not only helped me set up my online systems but helped me expand my business too. I have already recommended their services to other business owners and CTA has helped them too.

Michaela Sangl
Yogi Kids

We offer an exploration into optimum health, that looks at all levels of physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual wellbeing. We provide leading-edge 21st century healthcare and needed to put in place systems in our clinics to assist us to do just that. CTA has helped us implement our online systems. The training is delivered at our own pace around hours to suit us. We are now in a position to spend more time helping more people rather than be “bogged down” with administration.

John Coombs
Global Health

After 25 years of running our business locally ….. we decided to make the ‘quantum leap’ to an online presence. CTA offered us an opportunity to study and implement changes in our own time, so that our team was ready and willing to make the big change. We have never looked back…. Thanks again CTA!

Independent Ceramics Ltd


We know it can be risky buying courses online. Let’s face, it you don’t know us very well (yet) but we are willing to put everything on the line with our 100% Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee.

We are so confident you will love our courses, resources and support, we are willing to offer your money back if you are not 100% satisfied.

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Unlock Courses and Content, To Complete At Your Own Pace, And Increase Your Net Profits
First 6 courses plus 2 bonus courses together with your first content kit - new courses unlocked every week for the life of your membership.