Microsoft Excel is designed to take data in the form of numbers and words and create sensible analysis from it, it allows you to produce these documents and customise them in ways that makes sense for people you are delivering the information to.

In this course we will look at various aspects of the creation process, so that you will be able to create your own spreadsheets, as well as enter and manipulate data.

We will look at the basic elements of each menu:


Module 1 Interface
Module 2 File Menu (Part 1)
Module 3 File Menu (Part 2)
Module 4 Home Menu
Module 5 Insert Menu
Module 6 Page Layout Menu
Module 7 Formulas Menu
Module 8 Data Menu (Part 1)
Module 9 Data Menu (Part 2)
Module 10 Review Menu
Module 11 View Menu
Module 12 Templates
Module 13 Dates
Module 14 Numbers
Module 15 Text
Module 16 Calculations Manual
Module 17 Calculations
Module 18 Page Set up
Module 19 Print Settings
Module 20 Conclusion

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