7 top ways to market your self-published book


A successful book marketing plan is an organized one. And what better way to organise it than to follow an outline, just the way you probably create and follow the outline of your book, when writing it.

The following seven steps will act as a structure for your book marketing campaign. No matter what stage of your book production you are in right now, it’s never too early to promote, so start planning your book marketing today!


  • Step 1 Start before the Book is Finished
  • Step 2 Create a Strong Pre-Launch Presence
  • Step 3 Make Personal Appearances
  • Step 4 Set Deadlines for Your Pre-Launch Campaign
  • Step 5 Actively Lobby for Reviews
  • Step 6 Get Your Book Launch Platforms in Place
  • Step 7 Make an Event of Launch Day

Other Course Materials you will receive:

✓ Blueprint
✓ Calendar
✓ Checklist
✓ Worksheet

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