LinkedIn is a networking site online, for professionals. It’s a site for individuals looking for talent or employees, it’s a site for marketers or customers and it’s a site for sales professionals looking for clients,  and with the purchase of it is also a place for professionals to engage in lifelong learning.

In this course we will work with creating personal and professional profiles, as well as content creation, we will look at ways to use LinkedIn to build a network, depend on what your goal is.


Module 1 Pricing
Module 2 LinkedIn as a Search Engine
Module 3 Your LinkedIn Profile (Part 1)
Module 4 Your LinkedIn Profile (Part 2)
Module 5 Your LinkedIn Settings (Part 1)
Module 6 Your LinkedIn Settings (Part 2)
Module 7 Your Personalised LinkedIn URL
Module 8 Your Company Page
Module 9 Your Newsfeed
Module 10 Importing Your Contacts
Module 11 Making New Connections
Module 12 Accepting Invitations
Module 13 Managing Notifications
Module 14 Posting Written Content
Module 15 Posting Audio and Video
Module 16 Your SSI Ranking
Module 17 Participation in Groups
Module 18 Creating Groups
Module 19 Conclusion

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