Instagram is owned by Facebook and is a Social Media platform that focusses on visual content.  In come cases the content presented and shared is visual imaged based content, in other cases that content is video content up to 10 minutes per video.

In this course we are going to focus on the technical aspect of setting up your Instagram account to create and share content. In some cases, you’ll be creating that content on your mobile device in other cases you will be creating that content on your desktop computer.

You’ll be looking to build your following of individuals looking for your visual content, so that you will be able to share images and videos that will enhance your business reach. Its quite possible that you would rather share digitally created content and in this course we will focus on that aspect of Instagram also.

So depending on your individual business model, you will be able to create the kind of content that your audience will be looking for and you’ll use that content to direct individuals back to your website as well as to your opt-in list.

Its quite likely that you already have an Instagram account, but if you don’t, we will walk you through that process.


Module 1 Setting up your Account
Module 2 Mobile Application
Module 3 Profile Setup
Module 4 Profile Privacy
Module 5 Link Trees
Module 6 Opt-in Form
Module 7 Making Connections
Module 8 Content Creation Tools
Module 9 Desktop Video (Part 1) – Capture Video
Module 10 Desktop Video (Part 2) – Capture Screen
Module 11 Desktop Screen Shot
Module 12 Mobile Video Creation
Module 13 Mobile Screen Shot
Module 14 Images Post (Part 1)
Module 15 Images Post (Part 2)
Module 16 Story Posts Creation
Module 17 Story Posts
Module 18 A Note About Story Posts
Module 19 Creating Highlights

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