How to get 3 new clients this month! Marketing strategies that will help coaches get new clients quickly


In a business where the average stable of coaching clients often doesn’t exceed more than five or six a month (and sometimes less), seeing a client leave can create anxiety because of the monthly gap you now have to fill.

But today I’m going to share seven strategies that will set you up to not only fill that gap, but also attract quality clients.


  • Step 1 Ask for Personal Referrals
  • Step 2 Follow Up with Former Clients
  • Step 3 Offer Free Training
  • Step 4 Make the Most of Live Events
  • Step 5 Create Something Special Just for Your Email Subscriber List
  • Step 6 Find a Partner
  • Step 7 Network—Live!

Other Course Materials you will receive:

✓ Blueprint
✓ Calendar
✓ Checklist
✓ Worksheet

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