7 ways to profit from other peoples facebook groups


In this training, we’re going to take an up-to-the minute look at Facebook groups and how to use them to increase your visibility, build your list, and grow your profits.

People join Facebook groups to engage with others who are passionately interested in the main group topic and focus. It is a way to be seen by a specific audience—your ideal audience. How you make people feel is part of the marketing-to-sales process.

We will discuss the importance of getting to know who your audience really is, how to find information to help you with your own group, how to build connections with other group owners, how to research and test ideas for your own group or groups, how to develop you own unique voice and moving forward to grow our reach.

There are 7 Steps in this course in addition to the Introduction


  • Step 1 Get To Know Your Community
  • Step 2 Finding Easy Info in Open Groups
  • Step 3 Building Strong Connections with Group Owners
  • Step 4 Research and Testing
  • Step 5 Practice!
  • Step 6 Develop Your Voice
  • Step 7 Grow Your Reach

Other Course Materials you will receive:

✓ Blueprint
✓ Calendar
✓ Checklist
✓ Worksheet

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