Facebook advertising is a DIY platform designed for individuals to create their advertising on the Facebook website to reach a specific audience, with a specific message. Because it’s designed for individuals, the basic structure is simple to understand – decide on an objective, select an audience, decide where to run the ad, set a budget, pick a format, then place the order for the ad to run.

Facebook ads are unique because they are designed to run everywhere, for example, they’re designed to run on the Facebook platform, on desktop, on a mobile device, on Instagram, on the audience network as well as Facebook Messenger.

The advertising is designed to get your message to the people that you want, but also to give you insights on, who your audience is and what makes them unique.

In this course we will walk through the basics of the advertising platform. We will look at the different formats, designed to match different goals, as well as specific purposes


Module 1 Creating a Page
Module 2 Promoting the Page (Part 1)
Module 3 Promoting the Page (Part 2)
Module 4 Promoting the Page (Part 3) – video
Module 5 Promoting your Business Locally
Module 6 Promoting a Specific Website (Part 1)
Module 7 Promoting a Specific Website (Part 2) Business Manager
Module 8 Promoting a Specific Website (Part 3)
Module 9 Promoting a Specific Website (Part 4)
Module 10 Setting up your Payment Method
Module 11 Collecting Lead Information with Forms
Module 12 Using Automated Advertising Platform
Module 13 Creating an Audience in the Ad Platform
Module 14 Creating an Audience from Business Manager – Mailchimp – Import
Module 15 Creating an Audience from a Customer List – CSV
Module 16 Creating a Lookalike Audience
Module 17 Creating a Saved Audience
Module 18 Sharing an Audience with Another Business
Module 19 Conclusion

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