Today, in marketing and business, “tribe” is often taken as a synonym for “your ideal audience”—but it goes much deeper than that. is the email autoresponder and marketing automation system.  In this course, we will be looking at the major features of Active Campaign and how they work, including email marketing, marketing automation, sales & CRM as well as messaging.

The complete system is designed to customise your emails so you can attain high deliverability it is also designed for you to send timely automated emails, based on customer activity on your site and elsewhere. The system goes one step further by giving you access to a Customer Relationship Management system which allows you to store customer information for you to use in your marketing and depending upon the level you purchase, there is also the availability for you to interact with your customers.

In this course we will look at the various aspects of Active Campaign and how you can use it to individualise your marketing. 

The system integrates with a number of cloud based applications you may already be using, so that you can extend your effectiveness with your promotions. On the website it states that over 65,000 businesses use Active Campaign so we will look at the pricing and how it compares to other systems that are similar.


Module 1 Pricing and Account Opening
Module 2 Affiliate and Partner Programs
Module 3 Affiliate Marketing Policy
Module 4 Settings
Module 5 Trial Limitations
Module 6 Zapier Integrations
Module 7 Internal Integrations
Module 8 Adding Contacts
Module 9 Contact Management Tools
Module 10 Creating Lists
Module 11 List Management Tools
Module 12 Creating a Campaign Email List
Module 13 Campaign Management Tools
Module 14 Creating Autoresponders
Module 15 Creating Forms
Module 16 Reporting or Confirmation
Module 17 Creating Deals
Module 18 Managing Deals
Module 19 Conclusion

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