Meet the team

Colin Cooper

Entrepreneur, World Leading Mentor, Author and Consultant

A mentor’s mentor, A leader in human behaviour language and EQ, lead generation and funnel expert, speaker

If you need cutting edge systems to make your business shine (and bring back the balance) Colin is THE go-to person. An entrepreneur of 20+ years, he’s consulted in 23 countries across more than 100 industries.

A master of the online and business world, he brings an exceptional ability to conceive, plan and execute campaigns that deliver BIG $$$ results, fast.

He can point to more than $100 million generated for clients and counting.

Some recent examples include:

Setting up a lead capture for a decking company in a recent home show using a mixture of offline and online methods. The client normally gets only about 20 leads however received almost 80 highly qualified leads (Was the quietest show ever reported) that went into a ABCD filtering funnel for automatic follow ups.

Increased conversions of an online meditation course by over 38% by using a popup as the first interaction and then leading into a free course with a small upsell and a larger upsell all automated.

Created a full lead funnel for a kids book for international sales helping increase CTR rates on Google AdWords to between 20 – 40% with hypertargeting to landing page and product purchase with a full abandon cart sequence all automated to increase sales by over 200%

Colin’s compressed business experience from helping start-ups through to Fortune 500 companies receive accelerated growth you are in safe hands with wanting to grow your business.


Systems Doctor, Master Coach, Business Owner and Educator

“The Systems Doctor” for Streamlined Processes that Boost Profitability

Business owners who feel stuck in second gear due to inefficient online and offline internal processes turn to Trish Glover, widely acknowledged as “The Systems Doctor”.

For 35+ years Trish has been helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to run leaner, more efficient operations that boost profitability.

Trish works with you in three phases:

Analysis and diagnosis of your current systems
Refining of existing and/or creation of new streamlined systems
Training of staff in use of new processes to ensure motivation and“buy in”

If you love what you do but find you get bogged down with administration and planning, then Trish is your solution to free up your time, so you can impact more people.

Carmen Arvelo

Spiritual Mindset Coach

Carmen Arvelo focuses her practice on assisting clients with strengthening and building the necessary mindset to successfully achieve future desired results and performance.

Whether in business, family or personal health the inner unconscious resistance is what separates 99% of the population to the 1% making it happen. Re- focusing, Re-visioning and Re-moving resistance is her forte and it’s what she bases her success on when it comes to clients going from current reality to future desired reality.

Her compassionate heart and intuitive nature combined with her analytical and process driven approach connect her on a deeper level with clients and students creating real results in their lives.

Siobhain Little

Human Performance Guide, Business Owner and Mind Body Balance Instructor

“She can teach you more in four months than any business textbook or spiritual self-help book could ever teach”

If you need to find balance between business and life Siobhain is your go to person. Having been in the health and wellness industry for most of her life and a business owner from the age of 20 she has real life experience that has helped 1000’s of others.
We all wear many hats in life, Siobhain will help you redefine success to find fulfilment in all of your hats meaning total Mind Body Balance and harmony between your business and personal life.

The Three Pillars:

– Holistic Living
– Business
– Education

Working with these three pillars Siobhain will help you Wake Up, Show Up and Rise Up to find the ultimate flow in life.


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